I think stories are very interesting and very important in life. If you go and see a film and it says at the beginning, ”based on a true story”, you know when you see those words that what you’re going to see is not a perfect telling of the events that happened. You’re going to see a neatened version with a beginning, middle and an end, perhaps some characters might be sort of conflated into one and there will be a clear hero and all the rest of it. So you have a natural scepticism that comes into play. Likewise, if somebody tells you a story of what happened the other night or an argument they got into or some outrageous behaviour, you know there’s another side to that story, so you apply a natural scepticism. We very rarely think of applying the same scepticism to ourselves, and the stories that we tell ourselves about our own lives. Which of course are the most important stories that we have… If you give yourself permission, or sometimes it’s easier if someone gives you permission or you give someone else permission, to just change the story, to act out of character, to act as if the thing is no longer a problem. It’s a very simple shift. Magic is about stories that we tell ourselves.

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What if? → Avengers Study Group, Tony turns up just to brag about not having to turn up, and Thor is … Thor.

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